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Date: Wednesday 8 February 2012 21:11:14

This " one-of-a-kind " guide as been made in 2011



Chicago Bulls Introduction HD - 2011
Theme Song from world famous " Alan Parsons Project - Sirius "
Bulls vs. New Jersey Nets
April 13th 2011

Chicago Bulls - 1997
Theme Song from world famous " Alan Parsons Project - Sirius "
Maybe the best introduction ever !!

Chicago Bulls Intro Animation & Theme Song
Theme Song from world famous " Alan Parsons Project - Sirius "
Best Intro in the NBA. And Probably in all of Sports !!

Detroit Pistons Intros - 2012
The 2011-12 Pistons are introduced by John Mason to kick off their home opener at The Palace on Dec. 28 against the Cleveland Cavaliers.
It Rockssssssss baby !!!

Detroit Piston's Halftime highlights feat
Detroit Piston's 2011/12 opening night with Tiao Cruz & Kid Rock.

Lakers 2010 - 2011 New Intro !
Opening Team Introduction and Player Introduction.
2010-2011 season. Video shot with an iPhone 4 in 720p on October 31, 2010 vs. the Golden State Wariors at the Staples Center.
This was home game #2 of the season. Watch in 720p HD to really get the effect of the new HD jumbotron and hanging screens.
They really are something else !

Miami Heat Playoff Intro - 2011
This is video of the 2011 Miami Heat playoff's player introduction on April 16th, 2011.
Game 1 at the American Airlines Arena versus the Philadelphia 76s.
This video was shot from section 309, row 2.

All-Star Basketball Skills Series Part # 1 - Individual Offense

All-Star Basketball Skills Series Part # 2 - Dribbling & Ball Handling

All-Star Basketball Skills Series Part # 3 - Passing & Catching

All-Star Basketball Skills Series Part # 4 - Lay-Ups

All-Star Basketball Skills Series Part # 5 - Rebounding

All-Star Basketball Skills Series Part # 6 - Shooting

All-Star Basketball Skills Series Part # 7 - Individual Defense

The Lost Art of Basketball Shooting from the SWISH METHOD !

The Swish™ Story : Shifting the Culture !

Video Clips of the "Swish" way of shooting
coach this way of shooting


Planet Hoops and Coach RB offer Free Online Basketball Clinics
You’ve come to the right place for awesome Online Basketball Clinics!!
- We are offering an Online Basketball Clinic for you at no charge
- High quality video and Live presentations with Q and A sessions
- We’ll cover everything you need to make you a better Coach
- Special situations, Press Offense, Footwork, Post Play, Individual Fundamentals, You name it !!

Every person at & Championship Productions is directly tied to carrying out our mission, which is:
…helping individuals and teams achieve success and realize their fullest potential…
We carry out this mission by producing high quality, instructional products featuring renowned professionals in every sport and by providing the best customer service in the industry. The foundation of our mission is built on teamwork, personal improvement, a positive attitude, and a commitment to excellence.

The FCL is the ultimate source for basketball coaches to learn form the best and study the tactics of the top coaches in the world. Each month, prepare your team practices, watch basketball videos, download basketball drills, analyse defensive and offensive plays from top National Teams around the world. Don't miss out the FIBA Basketball Drill Library and its excellent portfolio of coaches' expertise !

The mission of iHoops is to establish a structure and develop programs to improve the quality of youth basketball in America in order to enhance the athletic, educational, and social experience of the participants.

Many basketball drills and player fundamentals are demonstrated with video clips.

SUPER HANDLES, INC. : Ball-Handling and Dribbling Workout Video !
Jon HILDEBRANDT, a 5'10" pg from Dayton, Oregon, led his high school team to two consecutive 2A Oregon State Basketball Championships. He was named a BCI All-American and the Oregon 2A Player of the Year. At Clackamas Community College.
Though size and athleticism play a huge part in today's world of competitive basketball, Supe's ball-handling mastery and teaching skills offer teams and individual players the chance to maximize their performance, giving them the Superhandles Advantage over their competition.
"Jon 'Superhandles' Hildebrandt is widely viewed as one of the best ball-handlers in the world. Through a combination of hard work, determination, and focus, he elevated his handle to an unprecedented level.” - SLAM Magazine

The Official Site of Coach John WOODEN

Leman Coaching started in January 2008 and provides services in basketball and leadership to players, teams and organisations. The website also includes a blog where basketball is being discussed from different point of views.
Leman Coaching provides services within basketball and leadership. With your demands and wishes we define a solution suitable for your club or organisation.
Some examples :
Private lessons (training, analysis, feedback)
Team practises
Video Analysis

The Worldwide Leader in Basketball News
The biggest basketball database - over 240,000 profiles
The biggest basketball coverage - 416 leagues in 271 countries/sections

HoopDirt is your one-stop-shop for all college basketball coaching information.
This is the only site founded, monitored, and run by college coaches.

Canada Basketball is the National Sporting Organization for the sport of Basketball in Canada. Canada Basketball is respected throughout the world and is recognized by the International Amateur Basketball Federation (FIBA) and the Government of Canada as the sole governing body of the sport of amateur basketball in Canada.
Canada Basketball represents all basketball interests, provides leadership, coordination and direction in all areas of the sport of basketball. Canada Basketball is a non-for-profit organization run under a sound business model by a volunteer board of directors and has 10 full-time professional staff members to run the affairs of the organization.
Canada Basketball is made of several member associations in five categories.


Welcome to the Basketball Manitoba All-Access Video Series! This collection of videos has been developed exclusively for the Basketball Manitoba membership and is open to view by any registered member of the website. The series gives you exclusive access to a number of closed basketball practices from some of Manitoba's top basketball coaches. The practices are presented to you in real time from start to finish to provide insight for new ideas and coaching techniques for your program.

The NEW CoachRB website is a "storehouse" of basketball resources. This is the most complete and comprehensive coaching site anywhere on the Internet and can help you become a better coach and win more games. MEMBERSHIP is now offered to coaches, parents, and players for the first time! Click the "Become a Member" button below to get signed up! Access to hundreds of resources, video, drills, instruction, X and O's, set plays are now available to you 24/7 with your membership. Become a MEMBER today!

Great site created by Todd KOZINKA a Canadian friend and well known international Basketball pundit !
Why did we call ourselves Planet Hoops? Well, our mission is to bring the world of basketball together so we felt that Planet Hoops would be a fitting name.
Basketball on our Planet is booming and we love this game as the saying goes.
We just want to give back and promote basketball to all fans and students of the game from Vilnius, Lithuania to Tokyo, Japan to Montivideo, Uruguay and all points in between.
We're here to help and make your basketball information searching easy and rewarding. For more information about our founders please read below and make sure to have a great day!

5 MIN MEDIA " BASKETBALL " videos in Sports Category
5min Media is the leading syndication platform for broadband instructional, knowledge and lifestyle videos. Our library includes tens of thousands of videos across 20 categories and 140 subcategories, which are professionally produced and brand-safe.

HOOPCOACH is modeled after the business networking site Linkedin is a business social network where people connect with colleagues with the anticipation of parlaying those contacts into business propositions and jobs. As a basketball coach I am not extremely interested in furthering my day time career was born. Aside from being a job board with all the open postings from the NCAA, NBA, NAIA, and High School, also hopes to connect coaches from around the world and create networks that open basketball coaching opportunities. If you are interested in pursuing a career in coaching basketball register today !

Early on in his life John grew up in Center City Philadelphia. His love of basketball started while watching the older students play pick up ball before school in the mornings. John practiced some of his moves he saw on the playground, while listening to 76ers games in his small backyard, as a 10,11,and 12 year old. His first organized basketball team was as an 11 year old playing for Greenfield school at the famous Christian street YMCA. At age 13 John moved to Cherry Hill , N.J and played 8th grade and high school ball. His go to moves were the Earl Monroe spin dribble and the Tony Parker tear drop floater. At 5 foot 8 inches tall, John had the athleticism to get off the floor and grab the rim. He played against Division 1 college talent in leagues and would put up 30 point games regularly. More on the site ...

Global Sports Connection :
World database of athletes
Promote your game
Enhance your career
Tools for your success
It's My Play registration process is simple and user-friendly. One can register as Amateur Athlete or as Professional Athlete, but never as both...
Learn My Play is a website that will publish articles created by members registered as staff with It's My Play. These articles serve to educate, inform and enhance knowledge of the readers.

Coaching & Basketball
Play Library
Coaching Communities
Basketball VIdeos
Etc ..

G B B stands for total excellence in the physical and inspirational aspect of basketball skills training.
Ganon Baker is a high-performance, elite basketball trainer who runs basketball camps and has trained over 15,000 players each year with clients and contacts in over 15 countries and 44 states. He has worked closely with Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Vince Carter, Amar'e Stoudemire, and Deron Williams at each of their Skill Academies and has trained multiple NBA stars such as Chris Paul, Jerryd Bayless, Kevin Durant and Amare Stoudemire to name a few.
Specializing in Individual and Team Training, Camps and Instructional DVDs, annually, Ganon Baker and the Pro Trainers of Ganon Baker Basketball, host camps and clinics throughout the world and have authored nearly 50 Instructional Basketball DVDs and counting... Coach Gels.

HGT is an innovative basketball training and solutions company. And we’re devoted to helping coaches and players like you perform at the top of your game. We do this through our videos, articles, basketball training courses, and coaching services.
And we must be doing something right. Between Alan and Jeremy, we’ve trained and coached over 3,000 players the past five years.
Our team includes some of the top experts in the fields of basketball skill instruction, player development, and human performance. We’ve published hundreds of articles. And we’ve coached thousands, from recreational players to NBA professionals.
But most importantly, every single one of us lives the HoopGains Training lifestyle -
Train To Make Gains, Not To Maintain.
HoopGains Training Team
Jeremy RUSSOTTI : Skills Director
Alan STEIN : Performance Director
399 Top Quality Videos !!

Alan Stein's Stronger Team websites are devoted to basketball specific strength and conditioning.
I'm the owner of Stronger Team and the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the nationally renowned, Nike Elite DeMatha Catholic High School boys basketball program. Prior to that I served 7 years in a similar position at Montrose Christian. I bring a wealth of valuable experience to my training arsenal after years of extensive work with elite highschool, college, and NBA players. My passion, enthusiasm, and innovative training techniques make me one of the nations leading experts on productive training for basketball players.
Many Top Quality Videos !!

ABN is the world's largest basketball camp management solution. ABN oversees camps and tournaments in over 11 countries. The ABN scouting network spans over 72 countries and can help both players, coaches, teams, and club managers.

HIGHLIGHTS TUBE was founded in 2009 by NFL player Madieu Williams, D-1 college coaches J.B. Gerald and Bryan Fitzpatrick, and Creative Specialist Christian Robinson in an effort to simplify the recruiting process and make it more efficient for athletes to fulfill their career paths, while putting them in front of the coaches they desire.
HT is now premier online networking destination for not only high school student-athletes seeking recruitment from college coaches and universities, but athletes of any level from any sport looking to make it to the next level. We allow millions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created sports highlights, either of themselves or their favorite players.

LEARN from the BEST : Michael JORDAN
Thanks to the german site Playgrounds and Basketball
Learn with Michael Jordan some solid basketball techniques that will help you to be a better player.

Steve NASH : Basketball Training
The most intelligent NBAer by far !
Outstanding player, role model and teacher of the game !
Steve Nash rock's ...

BETTER BASKETBALL - 1 on 1 Offense (Part 1)
Created & presented by Rick TORBETT
Scoring from the perimeter.
Starring Sue BIRD, Chauncey BILLUPS & Rick BARRY.

BETTER BASKETBALL - 1 on 1 Defense (Part 2)
Created & presented by Rick TORBETT

BETTER BASKETBALL - Post play (Part 1)
Created & presented by Rick TORBETT
Starring Jermaine O'NEAL
The definitive video for playing inside

BETTER BASKETBALL - Post play (Part 2)
Created & presented by Rick TORBETT
Starring Jermaine O'NEAL
The definitive video for playing inside

BETTER BASKETBALL - Post play (Part 3)
Created & presented by Rick TORBETT
Starring Jermaine O'NEAL
The definitive video for playing inside

BETTER BASKETBALL - Post play (Part 4)
Created & presented by Rick TORBETT
Starring Jermaine O'NEAL
The definitive video for playing inside

BETTER BASKETBALL - Post play (Part 5)
Created & presented by Rick TORBETT
Starring Jermaine O'NEAL
The definitive video for playing inside

BETTER BASKETBALL - Passing (Part 1)
Created & presented by Rick TORBETT
Starring Mike BIBBY

BETTER BASKETBALL - Passing (Part 2)
Created & presented by Rick TORBETT
Starring Mike BIBBY

BETTER BASKETBALL - Passing (Part 3)
Created & presented by Rick TORBETT
Starring Mike BIBBY

BETTER BASKETBALL - Ball Handling Sample Workout
This Ball Handling video is different, though. The progression is still there, but it is a work-out progression rather than a teaching progression.
Unlike the skills of Shooting or 1-on-1 Offense, Ball Handling is much less a subject of form and sequence and much more a skill of repetition and drills.
Your body learns how to dribble not by intellectually understanding the skill, but by doing it over and over and over.

# 1 FREE Source for European Basketball Players in US Colleges !
This website is a search engine for the European players taking part in the basketball's National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Championship of the United States of America.
From the 2005-2006 season, Eurocollegestats has been renewed, adding some very important sections. Users will found a section called Useful Links with the best NCAA, NBA Draft and International Basketball websites.
Then, there is another section called Where are they now, where Eurocollegestats is trying to track all European rookies from US colleges in their first pro season.

L'Emission 100% Basket, Pro A, Pro B, N1 tout est dans Post Up.

Toutes les news basket : NBA, France, Euroleague, Etc ..

C&S est un site internet consacré au basketball crée en janvier 2010 par Gabriel Pantel Jouve et Julien Dalcanale. En mars 2011, le site, qui compte jour après jour de plus en plus de visiteurs, atteint les 5000 articles publiés et peut se targuer d’être parmi les sites d’actualités basket reconnu et consulté par le plus grand nombre.
Traitant de toute l'actualité basket, C&S s'est démarqué en révélant de nombreuses informations exclusives et en offrant une orientation rédactionnelle originale et réactive, tournée vers l'actualité, heure par heure, du basket français et européen et de ses acteurs.

Association Française des Entraîneurs de Basketball

Le portail des coaches de basketball

Quelques articles techniques écrits par des amis ou moi-même, mais aussi par des références du haut niveau, des exercices, des systèmes de jeu, des vidéos qui ont surtout de l'attrait pour les entraîneurs de basket-ball. Voilà ce que vous trouverez ici...

Conférences et vidéos / Histoire de la pédagogie
L'un des premier film sur l'apprentissage des techniques de base du basket de l'époque.
L'auteur André Barrais à réaliser ce film au CREPS de Dinard dans les années 60 .Sont développés l'apprentissage des tirs pour les trés jeunes enfants.Les militaires du bataillon de Joinville servent dans ce film de modéle.

Documents techniques / Vidéos.

Documents techniques / Exercices Animés

Documents techniques / Formes de jeu animées

Documents techniques / La minute technique

Vidéos techniques & de sélections.

L'alternative du basket au féminin. Le basket féminin sous toutes ses coutures !


NCAA Champions
NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) THE BEST SPORTS ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD !!!

NCAA Dumb Jocks PSA
Dumb Jocks: The 'Dumb Jocks' NCAA public service announcement seeks to dispel that myth and reiterate the Association's mission and values. It debuted March 19, 2011, during coverage of the NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments.

Watch a Video Tour of the University of Nebraska Men's Basketball Facilities.

Visit This Is Nebraska for information on Nebraska Athletics.

Visit This Is Nebraska for information on Nebraska Athletics Facilities.


ESPN Films - Unguarded Part 1/6
Chris Herren of Fall River, Mass., was a high school basketball standout who battled the pressures of making it big from an early age. After dropping out of Boston College, Chris landed on Jerry Tarkanian's notorious Fresno State team, where players were likely to be found on both police blotters and All-American lists. Chris failed drug tests at BC and Fresno State, but he was so talented that he was drafted into the NBA anyway, ending up with the Boston Celtics. But at the moment he was realizing his childhood dream of becoming a star for the home team, Chris was falling in a 10-year-long spiral of addiction.
He bounced from team to team, country to country. Ultimately, Chris, the youngest and most talented of three generations of local heroes, has found redemption and personal fulfillment through the game, but only after it led him literally around the world, down a path of alcohol and drug addiction that nearly killed him.

ESPN 30 for 30 - The Fab Five Documentary Part 1/8
Chris Webber, Juwan Howard, Jalen Rose, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson went to the University of Michigan and became known as the "Fab Five" but their great story would end in scandal and infamy. Most will remember Webber called a time-out the team didn't have, which helped lose the National Championship to North Carolina. Years later it would turn out that Weber was paid for being at the school and this resulted the the NCAA coming down on the program and clearing away all mention of the group and their accomplishments.

Michael JORDAN - Come fly with me Part 1/7
It's showtime !!! Come Fly with Me packs in 50 minutes of breathtaking basketball highlights of the man considered the greatest basketball player of all time: Michael Jordan. Produced in 1989, before Jordan's first championship with the Chicago Bulls, Come Fly covers Michael's middle-class childhood in North Carolina, his rise in the NCAA ranks with the University of North Carolina, and the first few professional seasons with the Bulls. But if it's athletic wonders you seek as opposed to lots of factual details, you'll be well satisfied. This video clearly was designed to celebrate, not necessarily sketch out, the man and his history.

Michael JORDAN - Air time - FULL DVD
Michael Jordan had won two championships and lived through two small scandals when this documentary-lite was made in 1993. During his 1991-1992 season, the unauthorized book The Jordan Rules accused the player of being a bossy, hot-tempered team captain, and questions about Michael's off-court gambling habits arose. Still, as the level-headed Jordan notes, he had decided that year that the only person who could knock him off his pedestal would be himself--not a book author or media folks. In short, Michael matured. And while watching Air Time, it's hard not to believe in a guy who's had to believe in himself so often--especially when you see the endless stream of media pressure and public attention the man faced every day. It puts Jordan's love for golf in a new light, as a serene escape from the NBA circus.

Full CBS's 60 Minutes Michael JORDAN Interview ( 2005 )
Michael Jordan is one of the most recognized names in the world, and among the most dominant and gifted athletes ever to play professional sports.
But how does a man who has been called the most competitive person alive still compete when there are no more games to play, no more championships to win? It's a question Jordan tries to answer in his new book, Driven from Within, which came out last October.
In his first major television interview since he left the spotlight more than three years ago, he talks candidly — and sometimes painfully — with correspondent Ed Bradley about the game he loves, the business empire he has built, the murder of his father, his problems with gambling, and his hopes for a quieter, more private life.

" 10 Basketball Stories ", LE FILM DU BASKET PARISIEN
Nike a fait appel à Yue Wu pour la réalisation d’un film retraçant l’histoire de 10 basketteurs venant de milieux différents.
On y retrouve notamment Georges Eddy, Evan Fournier, Diana Gandega, Steve Lobel, Hammadoune Sidibé, Boris Diaw…

" REBOTES " (Rebounds /full length documentary) LA DURE REALITE du BASKET PROFESSIONNEL en LIGUE MINEURE !!
This documentary follows Tim Jones and Derrick Miller during their season in Chile playing in Puente Alto CD.
Crossing the tension of the game with their experiences off the court this film gives an insight of the life of basketball players overseas !

L'argent fait le bonheur (Sydney 2000 OLYMPIC GAMES Team France wins the silver medal)
Retrouvez les plus belles images de l'Equipe de France de basket médaillée d'argent aux Jeux Olympiques de Sydney en 2000.

A 1998 SPORTS-DRAMA FILM written and directed by Spike LEE. It stars Denzel WASHINGTON as Jake Shuttlesworth, a prison inmate convicted for murdering his wife.
The father of the top-ranked basketball prospect in the country, Jesus Shuttlesworth (played by NBA star Ray ALLEN).
Jake is released on parole for a week by the state's governor in order to persuade his son to play for the governor's alma mater in exchange for a heavily-reduced prison sentence.

Magic & Bird: A Courtship Of Rivals Part 1/8
Basketball LEGENDS Larry BIRD and Earvin " Magic " JOHNSON discuss their unmatched rivalry and unlikely friendship !

1992 USA Olympic Dream Team Part 1/8
Many consider it the greatest team ever assembled, in any sport. Yet even that description fails to give it proper credit for its impact.
The original Dream Team, the U.S. basketball team that won the gold medal at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, was a phenomenon on and off the court.
It mattered not that it dominated the Olympic competition, beating its eight opponents by an average of 44 points. What was important was that the Dream Team, the first U.S. Olympic team to include NBA stars, gave fans a glimpse of basketball at its finest, and an entire world responded.

The Dream Team enters the Hall of Fame
The US Olympic Men's National Basketball Team is inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Marion JONES " Second souffle "
Documentaire Intérieur Sport - CANAL +

BASKET LANDES " Peur de rien "
Documentaire Intérieur Sport - CANAL +

BASKET à ROANNE " PRO A - La campagne "
Documentaire Intérieur Sport - CANAL +

NBAer Ronny TURIAF " Coeur de diamant "
Documentaire Intérieur Sport - CANAL +

Le BASKETBALL est le SPORT # 2 dans le MONDE !!

A quand une exposition médiatique digne de son rang en France ?

Pour Info le Basketball est le >

- Sport # 1 : USA, CHINE, Lithuanie, Slovénie, Liban, Philippines, Porto-Rico, Etc ..


- Sport # 3 : BRESIL, ALLEMAGNE, Roumanie, Etc ..

- Sport Indoor # 1 dans le Monde !

- Sport Universitaire # 1 dans le Monde !

- Sport Collectif Féminin # 1 dans le Monde !

- Sport Handisport # 1 dans le Monde !

- Sport Collectif Féminin # 1 en France !

- Sport # 1 en France pour l'intégration des minorités ethniques !

- Sport # 2 en FRANCE en nombre de pratiquants hors Fédération !

- La NBA est la Société Privée Spécialisée dans le Sport # 1 dans le Monde !

- Avec 13 joueurs actifs la France est le pays étranger # 1 en NBA !

- Tony PARKER est le sportif préféré des jeunes âgés de 15 à 24 ans (devant le footballeur Karim Benzema) !

- En 2012 Joachim NOAH et Tony PARKER seront les sportifs Français les mieux payés devant les Footballeurs !

- Avec 16 joueurs dans Le TOP 50 des SPORTIFS les MIEUX PAYES dans le MONDE le Basketball est le Sport # 1 dans le Monde (loin devant le Foot : 06 joueurs) !!

Le TOP 50 des SPORTIFS les MIEUX PAYES dans le MONDE 2011 !!

- En ce qui concerne la concurrence; à savoir le RUGBY et le HANDBALL, ces sports sont LARGEMENT sur exposés en FRANCE.
En effet, ces sports MINEURS au niveau mondial sont quasi inconnus dans les 4 super puissances du sport mondial > USA, ALLEMAGNE (exception hand), CHINE et RUSSIE (en Afrique c'est proche de 0) !!!

- Le RUGBY est un sport REGIONAL de paysans du sud ouest la preuve :
" Le rugby est un sport réactionnaire, homophobe et franchouillard. Il ne joue pas son rôle sociétal et se cantonne dans ses valeurs vieille France. Pour les jeunes beurs et blacks, le rugby est un sport de Bourges !! " dixit Mourad BOUDJELLAL (Fondateur et PDG de la maison d'éditions Soleil Productions et président du Rugby Club Toulonnais équipe phare du Top 14)

International Scout / Private Tennis, Basketball, Swimming and Fitness Coach.

Membre TRES ACTIF de Basketball Network

Yao MING & Coach Jeff VAN GUNDY

Après 20 ANS D ECHECS INSTITUTIONNELS (ffbb, lnb, Education Nationale, etc ..) LA SOLUTION pour faire ENFIN DECOLLER le BASKET FRANCAIS est de MULTIPLIER les INITIATIVES PRIVEES (créations de clubs, camps, sites, blogs, sarls, events, documentaires, films, Etc ..) par MILLIERS !!


BALLIN' RADIO : La radio libre du BASKETBALL (tous les Lundis de 20h à 21h)


Créé en 2007, Ballin’ est une émission radio basket-ball animé par Rina Anthony RASOLOFONIAINA et Théo LETEXIER.
Elle est diffusée en direct sur la radio locale grenobloise New’s FM ainsi que sur internet à l’adresse tous les Lundis soir de 20h00 à 21h00. Les deux animateurs analysent l’actualité basket-ball (NBA, Streetball, Pro A, Euroligue, etc.) pour leurs auditeurs, avec leurs auditeurs.
A chaque émission, une star de la balle orange est invitée pour donner son point de vue sur l’actualité.

Large photo


" MY GOAL : To inspire and enable French Student-Athletes to achieve excellence in sport and in life ! "

Founder of Top Training USA a Non-Profit Organization created in 1992 in order to Promote the Best World Class American Sports Camps; as well as to encourage Cultural and Sporting Exchanges in between France & USA !

World class French expert of the American Student-Athlete culture, concept & network !

In the last 30 years I did more than 70 trips (minimum 15 days to 2 months) to the USA and have visited the 300 best world class institutions > NCAA / JuCo / Boarding / Prep Schools & Private High Schools (Harvard, Yale, Stanford, UCLA, USC, Florida, Miami, UNC, Duke, Ravenscroft, St Andrews School, Exeter, Andover, Etc ..).

Former Agent in France of :

Five-Star Basketball Camp, Inc.
Eastern Invitational Basketball Clinic, Inc.
Nick Bollettieri / IMG Academies, Inc.
International Tennis Academy, Inc.
Bucky Dent's Basketball School, Inc.

Presently International Scout / Private Tennis, Basketball, Swimming & Fitness Coach.

Born in Paris, Dec 29th 1958 Ex Semi-Pro Triathlete (# 29 in France in 85), National level Marathon (2h36') & Semi-Marathon (1h09') Runner of the World Famous Racing Club de France, Ex Regional level Swimmer (1'01'' > 100 m freestyle/Club des Nageurs de Paris), Ex Regional level Tennis Player (15/1 > RCF), Ex Regional level Volleyball Player (R2 > La Française AC).

Partly Educated in the USA [4 Years of Primary Shool at Brooktondale Primary School / NY & 2 years @ UCLA].


TEL # 01 45 35 69 95


" Best SWIMMING BLOG on the PLANET " : []#

SKYPE : " fredbullot "

FACEBOOK : " fredbullot " > []

TWITTER : " fredbullot "[/font]

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